Your Skin Needs A Fresh Start Too!

Your Skin Needs A Fresh Start Too!

It’s true! Your skin indeed needs a #FreshStart if you’re battling skin concerns lately. Well, lets come to an agreement, there’s no shying away from skin issues. The fact is, the more you run away from your skin concerns, the more it is going to haunt you. The thing that always works is firstly, accepting & being comfortable in your own skin & secondly, taking good care of it, because my friend, trust me it will get better.

Wondering how can I be this sure? Because believe me when I say this- I have had skin problems all my life! During my teen years, this uninvited bunch of annoying things decided to pay me a visit – PIMPLES! They do show up occasionally even now at 27, but well this time it’s purely hormonal. You guys know how much I love Himalaya when it comes to skincare. They are one of the best brands in the Indian Beauty Market & as we all know, the Himalaya Neem face wash is a favorite among many others.

So, when last week Himalaya launched their latest product – Himalaya Fresh Start, I was all excited to try it out. Being a Beauty Blogger, I consider myself privileged that I had the chance to attend this event & interact with the researchers behind this product. Not only did I learn that the Fresh Start range comes in 4 different fruity variants to combat oily skin concerns that we indians usually face, but it also consists of beads that deep cleanse your skin from within removing excess oil, dirt & impurities.

Before I decided to pen down my thoughts about this product, I obviously tried all of the 4 variants – Strawberry, Peach, Lemon & the exotic Blueberry face wash. Each of these consists of natural beads & aromatic fragrances. It’s pretty amazing that Himalaya gives you the option to play up & break the monotony with the 4 variants. So if you like the product & it makes it to your holy grail, you can switch between these 4 fruity options as they all do their job to perfection. Also, lets take a moment to appreciate the super cool packaging & the quirky product descriptions that make it for a fun, relatable read.

Speaking of the products, they for sure felt refreshing on my skin & helped with keeping my T-zone oil free since that’s what most of us Indian Girls worry about – oily t-zones. Not just that, while certain oil balancing face washes tend to over dry the skin, the Himalaya Fresh Start range doesn’t do that. The skin feels soft & rejuvenated while at the same time it’s oil free. Personally speaking, I loved the Blueberry face wash because of it’s exoticness & the oh so amazing fragrance & I have been using these twice daily – day & night to cleanse my face. These are priced at Rs. 140 (100ml) & Rs. 75 (50ml).

Incase you want to know a little more about the 4 different variants & choose to shop them online, this might be of some help. Check it out for yourself & do let me know if you try these out.

Blueberry: The fruit contains a rich store of nutrients and antioxidants that exhibit skin-conditioning properties. Buy here.

Peach: Containing skin-conditioning properties, Peach enhances the appearance of the skin and restores skin softness and suppleness. Buy here.

Strawberry: Known to possess skin-conditioning properties, Strawberry helps enhance the appearance of facial skin and restore suppleness. Buy here.

Lemon: Widely used in cosmetics for its great skin-conditioning properties, Lemon has refreshing and astringent properties which help reduce excess facial oil. Buy here.





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