Why Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Masque Is Your Skin’s BFF?

Dermafique Biocellulose Mask

During these unprecedented times, the one thing that we all severely miss is pampering our skin. Although things have relatively opened up globally, it’s still a challenge to be cent percent sure that we are safe and protected. Nonetheless, does that mean we stop pampering ourselves? 

Absolutely not! 

We can always rely on DIY self care and in-home pampering. This is precisely why there’s been a huge rise in incorporating Beauty Face Masques in one’s daily skin care regime. Since masks are one of the most efficient ways, over time, to not only maintain our skins health, but is also extremely convenient to use. Dermafique – India’s most loved Dermatologically Tested skincare brand has launched their range of Bio Cellulose Face Masques!


Why Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Masque? 

There are a variety of face masques available in the market & are classified based on formats and substrate used and are bucketed into Clay Masks, Peel-off Masks, Cream Masks, Sheet Masks and Bio Cellulose Masks. However, Bio Cellulose is made of pure cellulose which shows higher serum holding capacity, higher absorbency that provides better adherence to skin, thereby delivering efficacy. The Bio Cellulose Masque is Eco friendly, made from 100% Natural coconut water and Biodegradable Bio Cellulose Fibres which are a few of the many reasons why I was drawn to Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Masque. Someone like me who has acne prone skin, post chemical peels and using other acne drying creams, my skin often feels dull and dehydrated. Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Masque has a water locking mechanism that is 100 times higher than plant cellulose, thus providing better hydration. 

While hydration is important to my skin, there are multiple other skin concerns you may have. Derived from 100% Natural Coconut Water, Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Face Masque comes in 3 variants:

  • Dermafique Bio Cellulose Charcoal Masque which helps reduce the debasing effect of pollutants. (This was my favorite one!)
  • Dermafique Bio Cellulose Pore Tightening Masque which helps tighten pores and provides hydration. (Loved how my skin felt the next morning after using it!)
  • Dermafique Bio Cellulose Tone Perfecting Masque which helps in reduction of uneven skin tone. (Tone Perfecting and Hydrating – 2 in 1 for me!)

I have personally tried out all 3 masks and here are my few takeaways: 

Each of these Bio Cellulose weaves adheres to your face like second skin, allowing for every curve and contour to continually soak in the formulation for Zen-like skin. In my review, the Bio Cellulose mask is an upgrade from the tissue sheet mask. Each of these masks are priced at INR 299 which makes it pocket friendly too. 

Since I have tried out all 3 variants, I definitely think they are suited for all skin types. Post application and regular usage, I definitely see my skin concerns gradually being tended to. Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Masque is a perfect pick me up for me when looking for instant gratification for my skin. I like to call it my quick facial that not only nourishes & hydrates my skin but also treats its underlying concerns gradually. They have definitely become my go to & I’d highly recommend it to those looking for effective results to tackle their skin woes. Dermafique’s Bio Cellulose Masque felt like a facial from the comfort of my home!

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