The Royal Princess

The Royal Princess

Hesha Chimah, The Style Company _MG_5751Hesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style Company_MG_5730

From time immemorial, women have always dreamt of being a Princess. Regality & Royal Beauty is way more desirable than anything else. Ever since I was a teenager, I remember how I loved playing dress up. Wearing beautifully designed outfits or re-using some of my mum’s old clothes that made a fashion comeback was something that I truly enjoyed.

Dressing my stylish best makes me feel powerful & confident. As I have always shared, I dress my mind & for me, an outfit as beautiful as the one I’m wearing gives me the power to conquer the world! You might be wondering how’s that possible now, but let me tell you, the day you take that extra effort to dress your stylish best & groom yourself well, you will notice the different.

Quite ironically, the day me & my entire team was to shoot this look, it poured cats & dogs. The weather was so bad that the rains refused to stop & I had an hour & a half journey to complete to reach to my shoot location. With 4 bags of outfits, a makeup bag & a bag full of shoes, I was literally going crazy figuring my life out. Being a Blogger is no cake walk – it takes immense effort & energy to look picture perfect at all times.

Imagine me battling traffic & the crazy rains, driving around the city & of course juggling multiple bags & my umbrella so as I don’t get drenched isn’t easy especially when you need to feel like a Goddess in every shot you’re being clicked. I was already super exhausted & was in absolutely no mood to shoot but the very minute I slipped into this gorgeous outfit by one of Mumbai’s famous designer’s Tasha Kapoor – I knew I had this sorted!

You ought to try to believe it. So the next time you’re feeling low & you’re not yourself, try giving yourself a mood uplift. Slip into your favorite dress, wear a red mouth & start clicking selfies! It sure will help &&& then you can thank me later when you too would feel like one Royal Princess!



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