The Long-lasting Touch Of Fiama

The Long-lasting Touch Of Fiama

Long lasting freshness is my major concern & that’s something I look at when purchasing a body wash. If this is what you need from your body wash too, then Fiama Scents is your go to as they clearly have the most lasting fragrance I have tried so far. Without doubt, they are one of India’s leading personal care brands & a front runner in churning out innovative personal care products.

When on the go, my key concern is definitely body odour. Humidity, long hours of travel both intra-city or even outside along with stress leads to sweat which as we all know releases body odour. Personally, I’m not too big a fan of using a roll on or spraying a deodorant at a public place but a rub is definitely a big YES without drawing too much attention to myself. It’s subtle yet long lasting. More so, it’s not awkward either unlike using a roll on or even spraying a deodorant is when at a public place. I’m sure this is not just in my head, many of you would agree with me on this one, isn’t it?

What if I told you that your touch could make you smell good for as long as 8 hours? Yes, you read that right. ITC Fiama makes a game changing move in personal care with Fiama Scents- a range of body washes with touch activated fragrance- an encapsulated technology in their new range of body washes that lasts upto 8 hours. This breakthrough innovation enables long lasting fragrance delivery through skin friendly micro fragrance capsules which burst upon touch or a slight rub.

Bathing with Fiama Scents makes my everyday experience joyful & pleasant thanks to their soothing scented fragrances that not only lift my mood but is also calming, relaxing & efficiently long lasting. I must say that Fiama Scents is one of my favourites.

Unlike most products that claim long lasting fragrance, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Fiama Scents indeed lasted me for a good 7 to 8 hours & lived upto my expectation & their claim completely. You can look them up here!

Fiama Scents come in two variants

These come in two different sizes- 250 ml that’s priced at INR 199 & a travel pack of 100 ml for INR 55. The 100 ml is ideal to carry when on the move & I must say affordable too. Click here to purchase your favourite scent!

To sum it up, be it hectic work hours or long flights, crazy traffic jams or simply a holiday, I’m refreshed & smelling good at all times. Drop your sticky moisturizers & say hello to long lasting freshness with the goodness of Fiama body washes. I have picked mine, have you picked yours? Get it here.



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