The Bridge To Trust

The Bridge To Trust

In the world we live in, life can get really stressful, but we also find that through the building of trust based relationships, we are able to alleviate that stress and live happy and comfortable lives. These relationships do not happen immediately, in fact the most dependable trust worthy ones are those that are built over the years. Long term relationships with people around you often brings in trust, lifetime commitment and strength. These bonds have survived ups and downs through the years and evolved into relationships built on trust.

Exide Life Insurance guarantees longevity, durability, trust and foresightedness like their Brand Ambassador & my favorite Indian Cricketer – MS Dhoni. #LambaSaathBharoseKiBaat indeed stands true. Watch this video to find out who Dhoni trusts!

In my personal life, my most backed upon relationships are certainly not restricted to my friends and family but everyone from my interns to my doctor, neighbour, house maid, cook, building watchman-  each one of them have played a part supporting me in my endeavours and have never let me down. Our lives revolves around these small relationships that we invest our time into. We strive to keep these relationships healthy as we know that in the time of need, these bonds will support us and come to our rescue.

It is important to recognise these relationships and ensure that we don’t take them for granted. They say, “Trust takes years to build” and if you examine your relationships, you will realize that the people you trust the most have been there for you at the time of need. The trust you have does not diminish as the years go by rather, it reaches new heights and peaks as time passes.

Who is the person you turn to in times of need? I’m sure there has to be someone who has always got your back! It’s time you tell them how much you value this relationship that’s based on immense faith & the promise of everlasting bond.


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