Scars Of Strength

Scars Of Strength

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From time to time we hear things around us that often tell us the do’s & don’ts of living in this world – that further narrows down to your nation, your city, your surroundings, your family. I’m a 90’s kid & I’m fortunate enough to have parents that are as cool as all 90’s kids are! LOL! Funny, but true. I have always believed that you are what your are today because of your roots that are defined by your family. A lot of you is a mere reflection of your upbringing which makes it much lesser of the society’s job in deciding who you are or who you should be as a person.

A lot of it also evolves from an individualistic view that helps fine tune you character & personal traits that grow with you as time passes by & as you experience this tough yet beautiful journey called – LIFE! Wonder why am I being so philosophical today? Well, then let me tell you this is quite the person I have grown up to be. Through all these growing up years until I hit 25, I was trying to find ‘Hesha’ &&& to my surprise, I finally found her after 10 years. It may sound highly weird right now in text but its quite a fact that at 15 I set out on a journey of self discovery.

Little did I even understand what self discovery meant & to be honest, no dictionary or Google could have an answer to that. It was majorly a subconscious journey as I realize it to be as of now, but I can definitely say that at that particular point, I didn’t even realize that something like this was happening to me or that I have set myself onto such a path that would make me into a person that I’m today. As one grows up, we realize that exams aren’t the only tough thing in this world, there’s so much that we haven’t even been exposed to yet. Schooling & education are one of the ways of simply preparing you for what you may have to deal with outside but only little do we know that there’s much more to life than that.

Whether tough or easy, never be afraid to shine. We are all blessed to be breathing in a society that’s evolving so much with time. Women today have far more avenues open that it was 10 years ago. We all have the resources to set ourselves out on a journey to sicker ourselves & attain those goals that we ourselves had set. No longer are we afraid of survival, technically we never were. History stands witness, some of the strongest scars are carried with grace & dignity by women through times immemorial. It’s just the pressure from our patriarchal society that has often tried to subdue us but gladly they failed. We all have our own battles but it’s so important to overcome them & walk headstrong with confidence.

There are always going to be a bunch of people who are on a mission to put you down no matter what you do, but it’s your choice whether you’d want that to affect you or not. Sometimes, we tend to magnify even the smallest of problems & stress ourselves out. Like I remember, when I was shooting this look at Renaissance Hotel in Powai, it had started to pour real bad & I had 5 looks to complete post which I had to run straight to my set where I was shooting for my TV Show. I had more than 5 bags with me & Vips too had a super packed day so he was away & unfortunately, I was left with no help. With no choice remaining, I was my own driver, spot boy, stylist, hair & makeup artist for the photoshoot & the model.

While these shots might have turned out beautifully, but there was a lot that went behind it. Remember, things might not always turn up your way & in the process you might end up hurting yourself too! These scars that these wounds would eventually leave behind are going to remind you each day of your strength & immense passion & power that’s inshore you which is wanting to spring out & shine so as the world can see you & envision you for what you see yourself as! It’s all about believing in yourself. Do that more often!

Outifit: Babita Malkani, Location: Renaissance Hotel Mumbai.



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