Preserve Youthful Skin With Himalaya

Preserve Youthful Skin With Himalaya

Ask any girl about her ideal wish, I’m more than certain she’d say – Baby Skin For Life! We have all grown up watching beautiful celebrities on our tv screens who look flawless & effervescent at all given points & wished for that ideal dewy look. But unfortunately, given the air we today breathe in is not just highly polluted & infectious but also simultaneously harming not just our internal system but additionally externally damaging our skin too! As we age, a lot of cumulative factors are responsible for various skin concerns different women face here in India & worldwide.

While acne, dry & sensitive skin continue to dominate through years, aging too seems to have become a major concern for many in the recent years. Tested experiments have shown proven results that our skin is getting majorly damaged by pollution & the harsh rays of the sun resulting in skin aging at a much earlier age than usual. Fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, puffy eyes & dark circles have been reported as most common signs of the initial stage of aging.

I’m 26 at the moment & even for me, ever since I got involved deeply within the beauty sphere – thanks to my blog & profession, I realized that my mum started using anti-aging products at a much later stage in her life. But when I paid my regular visits to my Dermat, she recommended me to start taking care of initial skin aging signs much earlier simply because prevention is always better than cure. Purely abiding by this moto, Himalaya launched a whole new range using innovation & bringing the goodness of nature in a bottle – Youth Eternity.

If you ask me, this new launch by Himalaya is a Ginie in a bottle – a Skin Ginie that’s here to grant you youthful skin forever. The Youth Eternity Range that was launched with a fun Bloggers Event a couple of weeks ago has the Youth Eternity Day Cream, Youth Eternity Night Cream & the Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream. I have been using this combination of products on my skin religiously simply because I believe in the brand & the product that has the goodness of Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells.

Research stands proof that stem cells have the ability to rebuild, repair & reconstruct which is ideally what it does when the cream is applied onto your face. The Youth Eternity Range promises to restore & preserve your skin’s youthfulness. Upon regular use you will notice your fine lines & wrinkles disappear & simultaneously your skin’s natural glow is enhanced. Not jus that, the under eye cream claims to reduce puffiness, dark circles & crows feet which honestly for my hereditary dark circles have clearly seemed to be effective. The process is slow & gradual, but I have certainly noticed a difference & hoping for more effectiveness with everyday use.

Another plus of the product is that it has two separate creams for day & night application. Usually during the day, I personally prefer a moisturizer that’s light weight & something that’s wearable under makeup. Bonus points if it has SPF. This is exactly why the Youth Eternity Day Cream instantly became my favorite! It’s not just light weight & non-greasy but it also has an SPF 15 that’s good enough to protect my skin from sun damage on days when I’m skipping using a separate sunscreen. However, the Youth Eternity Night Cream is slightly thicker in texture but I must put it out there that it’s no way sticky or greasy. In fact, it’s texture & consistency is perfect for that deep moisturizing our skin needs when we sleep to repair.

All in all, Himalaya’s Youth Eternity Range seemed to have work for my skin which by the way is pretty moody. I have had oily acne prone skin all my life, but only since the last 2 years it’s started to behave well & is now more towards sensitive & combination skin. What I also want to highlight is that Himalaya as a brand is well respected & loved by many for delivering some cult products in skincare & wellness sectors. With this range, Himalaya has introduced a product in the market that’s not just highly effective but also budget friendly unlike many age repairing products available in the market.

Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream: INR 99 for 10ml, INR 249 for 20ml and INR 499 for 50ml.IMG_8527

Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream: INR 499IMG_8524

Himalaya Youth Eternity Under Eye Cream: INR 525 for 15mlIMG_8529





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