Experimenting Is Key

Experimenting Is Key

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From the time I realized I’m a free spirited soul, I knew my sense of style wouldn’t be restricted either. From being the one who constantly plays with clothes & fashion, I’m not someone who adheres to rules or any kind of style guides! Well Yes, safe to say I do look out for inspiration like all of us do but this isn’t something that stops me from dressing my mind!

I’m someone who dresses her mood – so a lot of my clothing reflects my current state of mind then. When I was putting together this look, it was right after I got myself a haircut. You guys know I chopped my length twice as I wanted to go even shorter than the length you see me spot here & quite funnily, I stepped straight into my salon to chop them further once this shoot was done! Told You, I’m quite randomly experimental like that.

So speaking of this look, I picked up this beautiful skirt that I got my hands on during my recent trip to Bangkok. You all know how much I love that city – it’s a shopper’s paradise indeed & needless to mention their street finds easily give any high street fashion brand a ride for their collection! In fact, even this beautiful off shouldered stripe top was picked from Bangkok. If you’re heading there anytime soon, make sure you check out Siam Square & Platinum Mall for some crazy finds.

Now why experimenting? Because isn’t it all about that? It was a pure experiment to chop off my long tresses at 26 & cut it short! From being a sporty dresser, I experimented by trying to dress chic & I think I did a pretty good job here. That’s the key – never be afraid of trying out newer styles as per your body type. You never know, what might just work for you! Biggest example – Sonam Kapoor! I absolutely adore her dressing style as she understands her body well & is never shying away from playing around with new stuff!




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