My Clothes Are Stronger Than Your Moods

My Clothes Are Stronger Than Your Moods

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OMG! I’m not sure how long it has been since I last uploaded a post. With my TV Show & other Digital Shows, managing time is one thing I’m learning to ace. Hopefully, I’m getting there which is why last entire week despite being slightly unwell & packed with my shoot commitments, I managed to put together this fierce look, which by the way is my absolute favorite!

Yep, no modesty there – I guess I have truly adapted to being myself & not being afraid of appreciating myself when I feel a sense of happiness & achievement. I mean, why not? As someone rightly said, life is too short for boring clothes! So I teamed up these new lime yellow shorts of mine with this stunning side shoulder shredded thread top.

To add that finishing edge, I wore these nude transparent strapped crystal heels that I picked up from this super cool e-commerce shop site – Romwe. My earrings along with the hand cuff was gifted to me a long time ago by one of m y designer friends. What do you think about this look of mine? I’m enjoying trying out newer styles & trends & what’s super exciting is that I have finally found my thing you know!


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