Meeting Pooja Hegde At Citra World, Treating Acne & More

Meeting Pooja Hegde At Citra World, Treating Acne & More

Hey Girls! Thank You for always showing your love towards all my videos. I’m trying to grow my YouTube fam & to all of you people who have stuck around, big thank you. Means a lot to me. Today, in this video I’m taking you along with me to Citra World. Citra – is a skincare brand that’s now here in India too! With the goodness of Japanese Green Tea & Korean Pink Pearls, Citra has incorporated nature’s best in a tube. With international key ingredients they are here to target Indian Skin Problems like Acne & Skin darkening. I’m someone who only recommends a brand if I truly believe in it & after using it for almost 2 months, I can safely say I believe in Citra as it personally worked for my skin. I also got a chance to take a lucky reader of mine to this fun event with me where we played some really cool Citra Games. My reader participated in one of my Giveaways on my Instagram Handle & won it. We also met up with Bollywood Actress Pooja Hegde & asked her all our skin related questions & played a game with her too! Check it out & stay tuned to my Instagram & Twitter for such fun contests because who knows you too could get a chance to meet me & come attend a fun event like this one!

Speaking of the Citra products, the face wash that best suited my skin was the Japanese Green Tea Pimple Clearing Facewash. I’m someone who is prone to occasional acne & as we all know, Green tea contains anti-oxidants that help kill pimple causing bacteria. If given a choice, I’d rather apply green tea on my face than go through the struggle of drinking 4 cups a day. Citra’s green tea pimple clearing facewash is mild & gentle on the skin while at the same time it foams really well to clean your face from deep within. Besides, what works best for me is that it’s priced at INR 140 & is easily available at a store near you. If you happen to give these Citra babies a shot, make sure you share your thoughts & feedback with me, I’d love to hear them. Happy Skin Days!

Love & Beyond!


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