Its All About Love, Sex & Relationships!

Its All About Love, Sex & Relationships!

Each one of us always has that one friend who is a relationship expert or at least consider themselves to be one. For the longest, I have been typecast Agony Aunt by anyone & everyone who meets me. Till date, I haven’t been able to figure what part of me depicts or throws out “I’m here to give you advise” persona! While I’m the perfect blend of flamboyance & shyness, people around me always turn to me whenever they need good piece of advise. You might find this extremely funny but I have literally played cupid for 8 of my friends who are in great relationships & two of them are well settled & married too. Besides, I have myself been in a relationship for a really long time now & its been over a year & half since my wedding which is why I do feel safe & extremely secure in advising people when it comes to relationships purely on the basis of my life experiences & my understanding of love & bonds.

While I was randomly last evening catching up with a friend who just went down a terrible break up, he cuts me out in the middle of me giving him some “life changing advise” & suddenly shuts me up by asking me to take up being a Relationship Guru/Consultant as a full time profession. While initially I laughed real hard, but upon thoughtful discussion & thinking I did realize that how much of a Problem Solver I am. Besides the point, it gives me immense satisfaction to resolve relationships & ignite love & passion yet again between two souls who are usually miserably torn apart by a threshold of emotions & challenges life puts us through. I feel extremely proud today that without too much hassle & thanks to all the love & support I have been bestowed upon by you lovely readers, I could use this platform as a communication medium for me to stay connected with you even further & help you in tiny way better your relationship status.

Starting Friday, under the Lifestyle Section of this Blog, there’s going to be some exciting & steamy stuff on relationships, marriage, dating, love, sex, advise & lots more. From all your dating queries to making it up with a  steamy night with your spouse, you’re going to have it all in here! All the secret scoops & weapons of relationship management, striking the balance & coping with tough times, you got Hesha right here who has your back! What’s more? I know general stuff can be of great help but what if you had your own Personal Relationship Consultant who stuck by your love life through thick & then when you need them the most? Sounds enthralling right? Which is why if you ever feel the need to turn to personal advise on your relationship or married life or anything that’s got to do with sex & dating, feel free to drop me an email at & I will be more than happy to help you & your love life. Be rest assured, no one would ever know of our secret little chat!

See you here every Friday!

Love & Beyond.




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