Lady In Black ft. Sonaakshi Raaj

Lady In Black ft. Sonaakshi Raaj

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When it comes to picking an outfit for an occasion that demands poise & chic – I know I’m opting for Black! While LBD’s have always been every party girl’s go to, things have slightly shifted for me. I’m someone who loves experimenting while at the same time stay rooted to the classics. When I was curating this look for this particular blogpost, I knew I wanted to stick to black but also beat the usual.

While paying a visit to Fashion Designer Sonaakshi Raj’s store in Mumbai, I came across this stunning embellished black jumpsuit that had my heart set the minute I looked it at. From the fall to the neckline, this jumpsuit was all I needed to power dress. What more? Sleek Hair & a Red Lip was enough to complete this look while giving it a chic edge. Something that I learnt overtime was less is actually more! There are times when I love going OTT but for a look as sharp as this one, going minimalistic was the key.

Outfit: Sonaakshi Raaj

Heels: Koovs

Location: The Good Wife


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