Hello 2018!

Happy New Year Guys!! Let us all thank God for letting us see the sun of 2018 in good health & happiness & seek his blessings for a fabulous year ahead for each one of us. 2017 has been an amazing year for Me in many ways. Not only in my personal life but also professionally I saw a high that I wake up each day for. The people closest to me are aware of the fact that I live for two things – Love & Self Satisfaction. Since my childhood days, my parents always taught me to believe in myself & thrive hard each day to achieve every little dream of mine that got me gooey in my stomach. Ever since, the only thing I know is self love & pursuing with growing passion towards your goal.
It mind sound cliche, but I’m that Girl who makes resolutions, believes in them & also lives up to them. Well yes, I’m quite traditional that way. There are so many people I know who keep saying that resolutions are pretty much baseless, but then it’s all about belief, right? So while I’d normally sit down & pen down (remember, I’m traditional) my resolutions & goals for my Blog, this time around I thought of sharing it with you all. Over the past 3 years, I feel that each one of you is a part of my extended family & with my new TV Show, there’s not just my digital peeps but we are now all a mix of peeps from my Blog & Youtube family as well as my traditional media guys.
While 2017 was a roller coaster ride in the initial few months, from the second half it picked up & how. You guys know how unwell I was in the starting few months, but there were just so many new things that I took up in the year that’s just left us behind a few hours ago. If you are from my Insta Fam, then you know that my New Year outfit was captioned – New Year, Same Me! &&& that for me said it all. The only thing I expect from myself is to remain this person who I am because be it the new year, a new person or a new job, no matter what, you shouldn’t change for anybody. The only thing I want to be is a better version of myself with each passing year without tampering with the essence of the Real Me.
Which is why, one of the things I started on my Instagram Handle is posting my never seen before, somewhat not always pleasing pictures in a funny way! You can follow #StyleCompanyMemes to exactly know what I’m talking about. Besides, one of the biggest resolution this year for me is get myself to put out more Videos on my YouTube channel & be super active there too like my other social media platforms. I want to connect even deeply with each one of you. Which is why, you will be seeing 6 new videos on my YouTube channel & Facebook page. Besides, you will also see 4 new blogposts every month along with a lot more fun stuff through Live videos & Instagram Stories.
On that note, I’ll end this here. I’m trying to keep this short because it’s holiday time & we all could do with a little more relaxing time. Once again, wish you all an amazing year ahead. Love & Beyond!

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