We Are Two Now, Literally! SSSSHHHH

We Are Two Now, Literally! SSSSHHHH

It gives me immense pleasure to finally blog today after I don’t know how many weeks of waiting! Yes, you know it as you must have seen it on my Twitter that we were busy working on launching our brand new website &&& Voila, we did it! My stomach’s all jittery & head all woozy because this is so much like a dream. What started of as sheer passion for writing & the dire need to express all things fashion & beauty has now turned into a boutique service agency that talks purely content. Style Company is about everything stylish with a dash of my touch to it & today we are a part of one of the fastest growing mediums- the digital world expressing all that rattles up in my head.

But none of this would have been possible without each one of you. It’s a big thing to have so many of you supporting me & my work ever since we started this two years ago. I still remember how under-confident I used to be in the first few months but it was only this crazy passion I had that got me here & got me connected to each one of you all across the globe. &&& the little I could do was start connecting with you all on a much personal level which is why I host Snapchat Tuesdays where once every month I open my Snapchat (Hesha18) for a few hours & interact with you guys. But I was still unsatisfied & wanted to find another medium through which we could meet personally which is why we hosted a small contest for our Mumbai readers & invited 5 of you to come and celebrate with us at one of my favorite restaurants – Cafe Basilico!

I just thought this I’d share this little celebration with all my readers away from Mumbai! I love you all. &&& I take immense pride in officially announcing Vipul as an official partner at The Style Company & together we have lots planned for all of you!! Just a little more wait. Love & Beyond.x

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