#FoodReview- Manoj Kumar Gupta American Fast Food

#FoodReview-  Manoj Kumar Gupta American Fast Food

Who says that only the most classiest and expensive places prepare the best dishes? What if, there is some place or street side restaurant you visited tickled your taste buds? Well, something exactly like this happened to me last Saturday. I had just finished a hectic day and wrapped an event in Lower Parel and was heading with my fiancé to some place for a good meal. Since we were in South Bombay and it was already up 10:30, we decided to stick around. Thanks to our different taste in food, we ended up touching Cuff Parade while we were so busy discussing what cuisine to try out today! My stomach had already given up on me by then and thanks to my stars, that we spotted this place right outside the World Trade Centre. At the first glance, we couldn’t really understand what was all the rush and commotion all about- until I heard this man shout out” Madam aap ka Pasta ready hai” !!

So, let me tell you a tale and a small secret abut myself- I am a Pasta Addict! I can thrive on pasta 365 days and there is no place in Mumbai( I can lay a bet on this) that I haven’t tried Pasta at. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner- I can binge on pasta. & & & now that you know this, I’m sure you must have understood that I talked my fiancé into staying back and trying out the pasta here. We ordered for a Pink Sauce Pasta and a Mongolian Pizza, and let me tell you- we were stuffed! *My mouth still waters as I write this post*! By far, let me emphasize, by far this place served me the cheesiest and tastiest pasta ever- that also on the streets! From his cooking, to the taste and the quantity, it was all a delight. Lip smacking pasta and pizza joint run by a Mother and Son duo, they have about ten people working under them. When asked, Rakhi Gupta, owner and wife of Late Manoj Gupta( the man behind this innovative street side Italian joint) stated that they have been ruling over this industry since 15 years and it’s their street side cooking that makes them even special and unique. They also cater to wedding and party orders and are reasonably prized too. What she also shared was that very soon they will start serving Nachos too. OMG, I simply cannot wait. Your mouths are about to start watering peeps.

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I have to admit that the pasta looks even better than me :p I had a tiring day and by the time I was done with gathering all the information and taking pictures it was already 12. & oh they are available 365 days from 5 pm to 11 pm. Do hit their joint for some killer pastaaaaaaaaa !!!



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