#FlyTheNewFeeling with Vistara

#FlyTheNewFeeling with Vistara

It’s always an amazing feel to fly & fly high! At any given point in time, travel has always been on my mind. I’m always dreaming of places, people, food & destinations & a journey is only complete when the experience is one of its kind. It’s no secret that Vips & I are travel bugs & through the years, individually both of us have made several trips in & out of India. While some of our experiences have been great, there were some that totally disappointed us. Flights chock me & no matter how much I enjoy traveling, I totally despise flights. But things changed & they transformed drastically ever since Vistara came into the picture!

Oh damn! The hospitality is totally worth all the bucks & mind you, they aren’t that highly priced either. With just one flight, I turned into what I call myself a #VistaraLoyalist. The leg space, food & the high hygiene level of Vistara flights is to die for. &&& things only get better with the stunning Deepika Padukone coming on board as their brand ambassador. They indeed are responsible for rekindling the love for flying & I cannot wait to re-experince this new feeling of flying yet again with Vistara. Tweet to me while up their with your in flight selfies.


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