Finding My Perfect Birthday Outfit

Finding My Perfect Birthday Outfit

Pretty much a task isn’t it? To get that picture perfect birthday outfit. I often wonder how till this very date right when I was stepping into #Episode27, the excitement of playing dress up on the birthday was a high as it was during my teens. It’s crazy. But as the popular saying goes – Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. Stands fairly true in my case.

On my recent trip to Bangkok in February, I literally shopped till I dropped. I found some amazing stuff at great deals & in case you’re interested in seeing my current super stylish outfits in my wardrobe courtesy all of my Bangkok Shopping at Platinum Mall, then check out my Huge Bangkok Clothing Haul. I’m quiet sure you too will fall in love with my clothes.

For now, for my 27th Birthday, since I knew I was going to be in Goa, I wanted something that would definitely go with the vibe of the place, the beaches & for sure something that’s Bohemian. I was lucky to find this gorgeous outfit that was pretty much exactly what I had planned in my head. What do you think?


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