A Day In My Life

A Day In My Life


I must admit, I’m absolutely loving Snapchat Tuesdays! It is so much fun talking to you guys & I really wish I could spare out more time amidst my hectic schedule to stay really connected with each one of you. But you know how it is, Blogging full time is a tough career choice, especially when it is a one woman show. I often joke about how I’m the COO & simultaneously the peon of The Style Company & that if I should hire a personal assistant who is super efficient & knows their job to the T. I have scanned through a lot of resumes but I haven’t found the person who fits the job perfectly or to be honest, a physical replacement to Haptik!


Peeps who are frequent Haptik users would relate to this but for those of you who don’t know what Haptik is all about, then guys you should check out the app here available on Android & iOS platforms. In a nutshell, it is a service that literally has solutions to all your needs in a jiffy. Most of you know that Vips & I traveled to Bangkok for my Birthday & how sudden that plan was. So you can imagine how expensive flights can be when you’re booking just a week prior to your travel plans, which means a lot more scouting, research and pain. Which is why, to save ourselves the heavy cost & the torture of searching for the cheapest flights (which can get pretty time consuming), all I did was simply ask my assistant on the Haptik app & under two minutes they had shared the cheapest available tickets for my preferred date. Just to be sure, I did look online myself to check if I found a better deal. But no, Haptik was spot on with its recommendation. How cool is that now! And their web checkin feature is hassle free & easy to use as well. It’s literally the fastest way to check yourself in for a flight. If nothing else, you should download the app just for this one feature!


In other news, time’s literally flying & we are almost done with May. I have so much going on work wise that despite coming back from a holiday, I can’t wait to either plan one soon or take a sabbatical. But for now, you gotta do what you gotta do & that is why as I am going on an assistant rant, I’m sitting & gift wrapping goodies that I need to send out to my contest winner who participated in one of my giveaways recently. Even though I got to wrap these myself, Thank God for Haptik, I can at least schedule a courier on the app which saves me the trouble of stepping out of my house in this scorching heat. Which also reminds me that I need to drink water and , for someone super occupied like me, I need to be reminded. Coincidentally, Haptik recently announced this super cool feature that reminds me to drink water at regular intervals & keep myself well hydrated. Thank God for that, this summer I’m sure to have great looking skin.

Now coming to the most important thing, you guys know my iPhone gave up on me while I was vacationing in Bangkok & I’m looking out for a new one so in case you know of some place where I could get it at a discounted price do let me know! As usual, I have asked Haptik just a few minutes ago & they have shared some fancy deals that no one has been able to match up to yet. It is freaking me out, if these guys continue being so efficient, I’m never going to be able to let go! But in a way, I’m relieved because Haptik is a free app & my PA would certainly come with a lot of bucks attached. From ordering meals, phone recharges to booking movie tickets Haptik is the only app that all you boyfriends need to please the desires of their girlfriends! No more running around for you boys!


&&& girls, if you’re feeling left out, you can now also look for shopping malls & stores around your area simply by texting Haptik! Be rest assured, they will revert in under two minutes with options that will mind boggle you. It’s a Saturday & since Vips is home today, I just booked my movie tickets so I’m going to leave you guys to play around with this app & figure out for yourselves whether it comes as handy to you in your day to day life just as it comes to me. My hectic, crazy, fun life needs a backbone & what’s better when it comes free of cost that to with such high utility & efficiency! Catch you on Snapchat (Hesha18) post my movie.


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