Traditionally Modern ft. Nandita Mahtani

Traditionally Modern ft. Nandita Mahtani

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Married at 23, Entrepreneur at 26! Children at 29?? How about growing heaps & bound right here right now? Breaking cliches for women has never been easy. In today’s time & generation where everyone strongly promotes women empowerment & everything around that, I wonder whether these are just plain eyeball garnering campaigns or we as individuals living in this society actually take this seriously. I haven’t found my answers yet but if any of you really do, do hit me up!

From the very time I decided to tie the knot at 23, I faced a lot of slack for doing so at the peak of my career. What’s funny is that I really don’t know how others around me decided to make it their prerogative to make decisions pertaining to my life! It’s quite ironic that at many interviews I have had professionals telling me that “I don’t look married because I don’t dress like a married woman!” It’s shattering as I never knew being married came with apparels that would define one’s marital status!

Ever since, it’s been a constant as well as recurring battle between sticking to traditional or modern dressing be it on everyday basis or special occasions like family get togethers, festivals, etc. It’s quite annoying to be honest when girls my age are expected to make choices as dress to please society. I’m someone who has always believed in being extremely vocal about my thoughts & I’m definitely not someone who’s afraid to speak her mind.

When I was working on my looks for my blogposts, I was drifting between thoughts as it was Festive time & like every year, this year too we bough Ganpati Jee home. The only thing on my mind was to shop for traditional wear as I really don’t have many of those & since there’s always so much hype about being the ‘typical wife’ I thought maybe why not! But somewhere down the line, I wanted to speak my mind & what better than my blog where I could directly talk to you guys.

I’m extremely true to my work but at the same time I truly understand the responsibilities that comes with being a home maker too! Vips & I live alone here in Mumbai & sometimes managing your business as well as daily household chores gets tough – but we never fail at it. We only evolve each day to understand how working together as a team works best for us & helps us keep our relationship balanced. No kind of clothes can decide either your marital status or whether you qualify as good wife/homemaker or not.

It’s when I decided to curate a look that was a reflection of my current state of mind, an image of what I wanted to depict, a thought I’d want to share with many girls out there like myself who struggle each day battling society cliches & are often a victim of their style of dressing & are judged solely on their appearance. Which is why I opted for this beautiful bohemian tube dress with mirror work from Nandita Mahatani & teamed it up with a Nath (nose ring) to give it a traditional touch.

All I wanted to showcase was a shadow of what was ongoing in my mind – why choose when you can be both! I’m a career focused passionate 26 year old women who equally loves being the house wife & doesn’t shy away from her roots. However, I’m also that strong & opinionated woman who wouldn’t give anyone or any kind of society the right to judge her on the basis of what she wears over & above with how much passion I don’t believe in choosing one over the other & ace both being the modern entrepreneur as well as the wife she loves being the most.

Dress: Nandita Mahtani, Heels: Tres Mode, Nose Ring: Freya.

Location: Renaissance Powai, Mumbai.



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