Perfectly You ft. Sonaakshi Raaj

Perfectly You ft. Sonaakshi Raaj

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We live in a world where every individual is striving to perfect their lives. But you know what’s far more important than just that? Perfecting Yourself! We have all grown up listening to statements like “No one is perfect” “There’s nothing such as a perfect life” & so many more, but if you ask me – I’d say my life is perfect! I’m perfect! It might shock you that how could I possibly be making such strong statements but all I’m trying to state is that our lives & decisions are as easy or complicated as we make them or vision it to be.

It’s very important for each of us to believe in ourselves & our ambitions & with each day, strive harder to achieve our goals. This is the only way we will truly feel satisfied which would help us picture our lives as nothing but beautiful & perfect. This is because we are learning from our mistakes & growing from our experiences to become a better individual & if that person you live with everyday which is Yourself & are happy to be YOU – you’re just perfect.

Perfection is nothing but a way of looking at things & every person is programmed to think differently. This doesn’t necessarily mean that my idea of perfect would match your idea of perfection but that doesn’t make either of us wrong. It’s a matter of sheer point of view & the perspective through which you look at things. Why so much gyaan on this subject matter today? It’s because at this very moment in my life – I feel Perfectly Me!

It’s no news I weighed 65 kgs at a time & from being the forever 48 kg girl, this didn’t go down too well with me. I have never really battled weight issues as I have been blessed with great metabolism. However, as we are all aware that a woman’s body undergoes a hell lot of changes, this is exactly what happened with me. I could no longer binge for hours & not gain a single pound. I realized my body needs exercise & that’s the time I decided to work on myself.

The handwork’s definitely paid off, not just in my personal life but also professionally. I look & feel confident which gives me motivation & the ability to work hard & strive harder each day in every little or big thing I do. Hardwork is the only thing I know which gives me the strength to aim for perfection – self perfection. Likewise, when it comes to fashion, it is all about knowing your style & then working towards perfecting it. Once you know your body type well, you’d have the knack for style & design.

Outfits for me are a way of reflecting my thoughts. No outfit would do as much justice as this one as it simply blends into my mood & personifies it out loud for the world to see. At 26, I no longer feel the obligation to please anybody, I work for myself & this Sonaakshi Raaj outfit beautifully depicts my feminine yet fierce style & frame of mind. Label Sonakshi Raaj is well loved in the fashion as well as the film fraternity here in India & is a global name too & I feel nothing less than a Confident, Beautiful & Independent Woman in this beautiful dhoti saree that comes with a stunning pearl embroidered blouse with gorgeous front & back detailing.

Let the best of you conquer your mind to make an even better version of the best you know! Make yourself available for knowledge & keep your mind open when it comes to believing in your goals. Let the best of you reflect through your dressing style & as I always quote this popular saying by tweaking it – dress everyday like it’s a runway because life’s definitely too short for boring clothes & unambitious people. Be Perfectly You. Love & Beyond.

Outfit Details: Sonnakshi Raaj, Heels: Tres Mode, Location: The Good Wife, BKC.


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