Dress Your Mind

Dress Your Mind

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I can say this with utmost certainty, that all of us on a regular basis battle & combat different levels of stress & pressure. Like I always say, sometimes stressing about something that’s important & must be striked off your list is relatively essential to achieve a balance, but pressurizing yourself a tad bit too much over everyday matters is something we all should learn to let go off.

Stress is inevitable & while all of our definitions of stress might vary, the things we ponder upon differ too. Most of you know me as a Blogger but professionally, I’m also a Digital Publicist & consult with some of the best brands in the country. While I thank God each day for making me this capable, my everyday stress is also multiplied by hundred. &&& being married & wanting to spend time with friends & family certainly are on my mind but often take a back seat.

I was working full time with a boutique PR agency as a Digital Head for a year & happened to quit that job two months ago. While I loved my clients, the work schedule & pattern was pretty crazy. Over time I realized I ended up doing most of the work & putting in extra work hours which led to lesser focus & time on my Blog. Moreover, I had absolutely no personal life of my own & each day only got stressful with the clock ticking.

I never wanted to quit since I throughly enjoyed the content & campaigns I created for the clientele I was handling but sometimes, if you can’t fit in & make time for yourself & family, it’s time to make a decision. Most importantly, the constant pressure of giving in more to my full time job over my Blog was a decision that only got tougher as I have put in 3 years of my life into building this portal that connects all of us & seeing it go away from me, was nothing but heartbreaking.

Not just that, my health took a crazy cartwheel with me landing straight into the pit. I was diagnosed with Dengue & multiple other hormonal issues which needed immediate attention & lifestyle changes. Which is why, without pondering too much, I mad up my mind to focus on what out of the two mattered the most to me & decided to stick by that decision. I quit my job & immediately decided to work upon my everyday habits & adapt to healthier lifestyle changes, thus the Gym Addict in me took birth.

I have been married only 2 years & I crave my time with Vips on everyday basis since we both have such hectic schedules. Managing your own business while you’re a homemaker too along with doing a full time job with a detonating health was tough. So, I went ahead & took the leap of faith & decided to quit my full time job & work on my blog completely while simultaneously freelance as a Consultant. This would give me more time to better health wise & manage my personal life better &&& I must admit, I have quite succeeded in taking the first step towards it.

Wondering why I’m sharing all of this when this is ideally supposed to be a  Fashion Blogpost? Well, it is only because a lot of my state of mind reflects through my clothes. When I have deadlines to meet, I often end up dressing fierce. When I’m needed to socialize at an event & adhere to deliverables, I prefer dressing comfortable. I’m soft & light on colors when Vipul takes me out. So it basically, all just depends on my mood & given I have been in a state of zen now, I love dressing easy.

I picked this beautiful full length skirt from Forever 21’s latest contemporary collection & teamed it up with this cut out black cropped top that I shopped at the Flora Fountain Zara Store. You guys know how much I love my sneakers, so to complete the look my white shoes were a total win. Now who doesn’t love a red mouth when you’re easy going & relaxed yet feeling beautiful & happy from within. I wanted that to reflect too, which is why MAC’s Diva went swooping on my lips. Life is all about choices & decision making, so follow your gut & dress your mind, because Girl, you’re sure to turn heads & nail each day.

Location Courtesy: The House, Versova




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