Dress For The Runway ft. Label Tasha Kapoor

Hesha Chimah, The Style Company _MG_5598 _MG_5610

Someone’s rightly said, life is indeed too short to wear boring clothes. Dress like you’re getting ready for the runway. So True indeed. We all have so much going on in our lives on everyday basis that it’s become impossible to make time for ourselves. Everyone is so busy pleasing clients & living upto crunched deadlines that one forgets to dress their mind. Fashion is no longer passion for style, its become a mere piece of clothing to cover up our bodies.

You might mock my theories at times, but for me they work as fundamental values for living a stress free life. It’s a chaotic world out there & while we all are keen upon making some moolah, lets not forget to cherish this hard earned money that we put day & night’s sweat to it. I prefer not being too harsh on myself – it’s alright if I didn’t live upto someone else’s expectation of me or I failed an assignment. What matters, is that I gave my cent percent to it.

In this rush race, we are constantly battling & I won’t shy away from the fact that I too at a time had stopped loving myself, more importantly looking after myself & my body. I gained 15 kgs & was definitely not in the best of my shape. I had puffy eyes with dark, pitted dark circles &&& to top it all I didn’t remember the last time I took out time for shopping or took a long pause to check myself out in the mirror. This had to change.

Overtime I realized that there was no point putting ins amok handwork but not being able to cherish it. I’m someone who has enjoyed playing dress up every since I became a Fashion Stylist. I have been privileged enough to style some of the best celebrities in our country like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan among many others & for someone who is known for her good sense of style – I could no longer be looked down upon for looking stressed or for poor sense of style.

Not only did I ace (or as I’d like to believe), time management skills but also lost all of the excess weight I had gained over time & got back into shape! &&& that was it. I can happily say that at 26, I feel my prettiest best & giving myself time in the mornings to take a few minutes out to dress up gives me confidence to charge on the rest of the day like a Girl Boss. Heard of Power Dressing? It’s true! So the best time someone tells you that pause & look at yourself – do that! You never know, you too might fall in love with playing dress up all over again.