Minimal Is The New Chic

Hesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style Company_MG_5533Hesha Chimah, The Style Company

From being obsessed with jewelry to wearing full coverage makeup on almost daily basis, growing up has been a fun yet experimental journey. I have always been that girl who understood the dynamics of fashion & makeup much later than my peers. In school, I was known to be a Tomboy who only wore sweatpants & loose tee-shirts. I can safely say that I could have been the one who introduced boyfriend jeans to the world even before this concept existed!

The only time I recall shopping is when I was out & about with my father. I never really enjoyed shopping with my mum back then as she always picked “girly” stuff, which by the way is so normal on her part since she had a daughter to dress. But, I always ran away from dressing up & only enjoyed shopping with my Dad when I knew he wouldn’t force me to buy dresses & skirts. He would happily let me pick my baggy denim shorts & oversized tees.

Much later inn my early 20’s, I was a huge fan of accessorizing & was a Bauble Addict of all sorts. I never stepped out of my house without wearing a single piece of jewelry but things are never a constant with me. At 26, I’m more of a minimal dresser who although loves playing dress up but definitely has a mind of her own when it comes to everyday styling. I have said it time & again – I dress my mind & this time around you all know I’m heavily inspired by French Dressing.

High on outfit & less or minimal accessorizing is the simplest key to dress like a Parisian. For me, easily a statement dress like the one I’m wearing with a tall pair of heels is good to turn heads. For my makeup too, I stuck to nude mouth without going too heavy on the eyes & cheek bones. As for my hair, I love leaving it open & a simple blow dry with some setting spray easily does the job. You can literally dress your stylish best in 30 minutes with very little styling to worry about. Isn’t this super cool? What do you think?