Spice Up Your Monday’s!

_MG_5422 _MG_5442Hesha Chimah, The Style Company

Now who doesn’t need #MondayMotivation! With weekends that are barely non-working, if we are fortunate enough once in a blue moon to get an off, the following Monday is dreaded the most. If the start of the week happens on a good note, I quite believe my entire week will be easy on me. Yep, I’m quite a positive like that. Anyway, coming back to what today’s post is all about, it’s a dig into my office/work look. It’s definitely more corporate & formal – quite contrary to the weekend work look I created for you guys that you must have seen here.

Also, before I dig deeper into how I decided to out together this look, I specifically want to highlight that all that you see me wear in these pictures are literally non-branded, inexpensive street buys. Yes, don’t be so shocked, styling is all about fighting the right things that compliment & enhance your personality with the available resources. You need not necessarily have to spend a bomb on formal wear, a little hunting. experimenting & a lot of mix & match can take you a long way. From my top to my heels, everything is from the streets of Bangkok, except my Zara Bag that I have been absolutely loving.

So, I decided to wear this cross over black top with white stripes tucked in with this gorgeously fitted steel grey skirt. They compliment each other so well that all you need to rock this look is a pair of heels. I know the inch of my heel must be making you wonder as to “How can she be wearing such tall heels to work”, but for everyone who knows me, there’s no in between for me. Either, I don’t wear heels at all or if I do plan on wearing them – they ought to be tall! Well, it’s a matter of personal choice. You can totally wear platforms, wedges or shorter heels as per your comfort.

Of course its a working day & when jumping meetings, one should be presentable & well put together. I decided to keep my makeup minimal yet focusing on areas that needed coverage & opted for this beautiful lipstick called Mocha by MAC Cosmetics. For my hair, I gave it a quick 5 minute blow dry & I was good to go! Quick & easy isn’t it? &&& if you want to add that extra edge, a pair of shades would do you no harm! I have been recently obsessing over these frames that you see me wearing which were picked at one of these on going sales. I hope this was helpful in someway or the other for those of you who have been wanting to know how I style myself to work everyday.

Top: Siam Square, Bangkok

Skirt: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Heels: Koovs

Bag: Zara

Shades: H&M

Location Courtesy: D:OH at Fun Republic