Weekend Workwear!

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Unless you’re French, today’s work culture expects us to be working all 7 days a week! Well, if not all the time, lets say most of the time such situations arise when you might have to bid adieu to our weekends & head to work on the Saturday that we have been eyeing upon since the very start of the week. I’m sure we all like our weekly offs & it’s annoying when even the two days you wanted to take a break, you have to dress your best (yes, dressing up on weekends is quite a pain – I prefer being lazy) & nail a meeting or attend an event!

Like many of us, I too love dressing down & staying indoors & basically doing my thing during my weekly offs. In my early 20’s & of course teen years, I would love partying & hanging out with friends but growing up happens to everyone & with time, I prefer spending time indoors during weekends as much as I can. I’m someone who has a super hectic life & a career that requires me to be on my toes round the clock! It may come as a surprise to you, but 7 out of 10 times I’m working during my weekends. I know! It’s crazy! It was worse when I was doing a full time job but now with me quitting that, it’s not as worse as it used to be.

But having said that, at times you got to do what you got to do. But, there’s one thing that I’m always sure off when I have a working weekend – I like to dress my comfortable best yet isync with the whole “work wear” cliche – yes, sometimes you got to follow rules – more like work ethics. You’re aware of my drift to Parisian Dressing & if there’s that one thing that I have happily embraced is throwing in a pair of sneakers on almost everything – because they are super sexy & uber comfortable! So keeping the look edgy yet absolutely effortless, I opted for this beautiful dress that I picked up from ONLY & simply wore my white sneakers to complete the look.

Easy, isn’t it? But I wanted to feel like it’s a working day off & didn’t want the spirit of the day to die so unlike what I’d usually do when it comes to my makeup at work, I opted for a a bright mouth which on weekdays I stay away from, especially during the day. I’m not someone who believes that darker lip colors are meant for nights, but I definitely am that girl who binges every 2 hours when at work & touching up my lipstick is nothing but a task when there are 100 things you need to attend to on a job. So a nude lip goes a long way for me but definitely on a weekend since I’m not hustling as much – a bright mouth fits just fine! Let me know how you found this look.


Outfit Details:

Dress: Only, Shoes: Koovs

Location: Mumbai Vibe

Shot By: Cinepher