When White Is The New Color


All throughout my growing up years, I was that girl who loved bright colors. Red, pink, orange, yellow – name it all, they were my go to colors for my everyday college dressing. I have been fortunate enough to be friends with most of my school & college friends & I call myself fortunate only because in today’s world where everyone is busy with their lives & jobs, my friends & I always manage to remove time for each other.

It’s often during these casual brunch plans or partying nights my friends keep telling me how my sense of style has evolved through the years. In fact, they also keep telling me how different I used to look then from now. To be honest, I don’t completely deny that. From chopping off my long hair to toning up & loosing my fat to become fitter & in shape, there’s lots that has changed.

Not only that, from being the color lover that I used to be, I’m now someone who prefers white or shades of monochromes in my everyday dressing. When I was going through my closet to select a look for this shoot, I ended up realizing that I barely had any color in my choice of clothes. White has definitely become one of my favorite colors.

Wearing white adds an edge to my personality & quite contradictory to what the norms would state, it’s a color that I not only wear during the day when I’m at work or hanging out with my friends but I’m absolutely comfortable in wearing it for a date night or a party too! Fashion is a matter of choice that every individual makes & for me, white works as my style statement.

Which is why, for many girls out there who love white as much as I do, I decided to put together this easy going look which I will be decoding for you all today. I picked out this beautiful off shoulder slit dress from Forever 21’s contemporary collection & teamed it up with my favorite pair of nude heels that I have been around for a while now. I’m sue you must have seen me flaunt them in some of my previous posts too.

I’m someone who swears by less is more & accessorizing isn’t something that comes naturally to me  these days. As much as I have enjoyed colors & chunky statement pieces in my teens, I have been keeping away from them recently. There’s no particular reason as such but off late I have been observing a lot of French dressing & I’m a Fan. French women often choose to make a bold statement with a stylish outfit & stay away from accessorizing heavy &&& I quite like that style.

However, to strike a balance with my entire look, I kept my makeup subtle yet added a dash of color with a red mouth. It’s raining cats & dogs here in Mumbai & minimalistic, dewy makeup is all you need to avoid looking like a complete mess in these rains. Alternatively, if you’re not someone who prefers a bright mouth during the day, you can always opt for hues of pink or a nice mocha lip shade & you’re good to go!

Easy isn’t it? I would love to see how you guys style your whites so don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram pictures when you end up dressing in white for your next girly brunch date.


Outfit: Forever 21, Heels: Steve Madden, Location: Mumbai Vibe, Linking Road.