The Yogini In Me

_MG_5297Hesha Chimah, The Style Company
Hesha Chimah, The Style Company

I bend so as I don’t break. Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Two years ago, the path I chose has now led me to space of peace & happiness. Not many of you know that I come from an athletics background. Ever since I was 12, my parents got me actively involved into sports & back in school, I was one of the fastest runners who could give a tough competition to the boys too! Besides, I cannot thank my school enough for including Yoga sessions as a part of our weekly curriculum. As a kid, I never really enjoyed them but I’m only thankful now that Yoga & I go a long way.

Today, on International Yoga Day I can proudly say that if you opt for a road that takes you to a healthy & fitter lifestyle, you’re mind & soul are going to be at peace. As you all know, over the past few months I have also become a Gym Addict & working out & Yoga are two things I never skip, no matter how busy my day is. Removing time for yourself & working out is not just essential for a great body but it also helps in conquering the demons of the mind. The way my body feels & how I look right now is only because of dedication & handwork which none of us should be afraid off.

So hop on & work towards a Fitter You because Girl, it’s a crazy world out there & knowing how to strike a balance between hectic work schedules & removing time for yourself will only help you achieve your life goals.