For That Ikonic Hair!

Hesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style Company

Happy looking & well styled hair is every girl’s dream! But the basic question remains whether this is a possibility on every day basis. Some of us have long hair while some of us have short hair but one thing that’s common is that we are all fussy about the way our hair is looking as it’s your mane that gives your face a structure & plays a major role in amplifying your features & defining your look.

You all have seen me flaunt my long tresses from the time I got married but just a few weeks ago, I decided to undergo a complete makeover & get myself a haircut that’s completely different from my usual hair &&& trust me when I say this, I couldn’t have been happier to jump to this decision. It’s summers here in Mumbai with the onset of Monsoons hitting us, which practically has made the weather super humid & hot.

Managing long hair can sometimes be a bit tasking but voila to good timing & mood swings, this decision of chopping my hair a little below my shoulders not just made it for a super chic French look but also perfect to beat the heat in this horrifying weather. While chopping off your hair can be a spontaneous decision, maintaining that hair so as you look salon ready 24×7 can be tasking to a whole new level.

Thanks to my Ikonic Professional Curling Wand as this hair styling tool has got my back. With its perfectly sized wand (there are many options to choose from depending upon the type of curls you want) & quick heating property, my hair gets rightly curled in juts five minutes. Once I’m done curling my hair in parts by taking one inch hair on the wand, I’m all set with those bouncy beach waves that just need some finishing touch & minute more of your attention.

Use any hair curling mousse of styling wax & simply crunch your hair to get that messy look & you’re ready! Wasn’t this super easy & ideal for everyday? It’s super time saving yet looks like you have spent hours to nail this look. Do give it a shot & make sure you tag me in your pictures!