Your 4 Step Routine #4FabulousHair

Hesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style Company

Every now & then, most of us are introduced to a problem solutions brand by either our mothers or grandmothers. But I have a different story to share when it comes to Himalaya. On my last trip to Goa, since it was so last minute I ended up forgetting most of my essentials that I usually carry with me when traveling. I ran out of my face wash, which by the way I’m super picky about & was left with no choice but to step out & settle for another brand since the one I used didn’t have a store in Goa. It’s a tough spot to be in since none of us are open to experimenting when it comes to our skincare & haircare.

As usual, I took over 25 minutes hopping counters when this Russian Lady saw me hovering like a confused bee dropping face washes off each rack. She finally walked up to me & handed over one of Himalaya’s face wash asking me to give it a shot. She was personally using it & was a fan! I was completely taken aback but then it also struck me that on my honeymoon, when I was in Malaysia, I spotted this huge Himalaya Store in one of the mall’s in Kuala Lumpur. I also remember mentioning it to my husband how surprised & happy I was to see a homegrown brand widely accepted internationally.

Instantly I knew I was going to give Himalaya a try & ever since, from time to time I have used many of their skincare as well as haircare products & some of them are my absolute favorites! So, when Himalaya invited me & some of my other blogger friends for a 4 step hair experiential with their Anti-Hairfall range of products, I was super excited & immediately confirmed my presence. Being an entrepreneur & a homemaker, life at 26 can get tough & with that, stress is inevitable. Besides, I’m someone who has enjoyed coloring my hair ever since I was 15 (please don’t get inspired it has its cons), so dry hair & hairfall are my common hair concerns.


I went through a 45 minute ritual that included a simple 4 step routine to prevent hairfall comprised of these 4 hero products –

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil: Enriched with natural ingredients like Bhringaraja and Amalaki, helps in strengthening the hair root, stimulating hair growth and preventing hair fall.
Priced at INR 100 for 100 ml & INR 180 for 200 ml.

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo: Contains a 2-in-1 formula that reduces hair fall, provides nourishment to hair shafts and conditions the hair texture. Packed with herbs like Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja, the shampoo also strengthens hair while promoting hair growth.Priced at INR 70 for 100 ml, INR 130 for 200 ml, INR 220 for 400 ml & INR 360 for 700 ml.

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner: Comprises of Butea Frondosa, Bhringaraja and Chickpea that nourishes the hair leaving you with soft and silky tresses. Chickpea contains high amounts of folate that plays a vital role in hair growth by renewing the cells that aid in hair growth.
Priced at INR 90 for 100 ml.

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream: A daily-use formula containing Bhringaraja and Amalaki that reduces hair fall, strengthens hair follicles and nourishes hair from the roots.
Priced at INR 75 for 100 ml.

Hesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style Company

My experiential started off with a 10 minute application & massage with the hair oil followed by steam which is completely optional if you do this at home on regular basis. I next moved into getting my hair washed with the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner. I must add, that although these are treatment centric products, they actually have a really good fragrance which is quite contrary to many solution based brands. Post this, the hair expert at the salon applied on my hair a very decent quantity of the Anti-Hair Fall Cream ,which should ideally be proportionate to every individual’s hair.

Voila! & that was it. I know you were expecting another tedious & boring round of shampooing & conditioning but well, that’s the plus Himalaya blesses us with. Like you normally leave your house, simply use this cream like a serum or your leave in conditioner & do your regular blow-dry or blast-dry whatever you prefer or usually do on regular basis. The cream is extremely light weight & while you’re out there hustling like a warrior women, Himalaya takes care of your hair woes by constantly providing your hair with care & nourishment. I’m sure you can make out from the pictures how fabulous my hair feels right just after 1 wash. Oh! & just by the way, I left the images unedited just so as you can see the real shine that Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Range brings to my hair that ain’t no Photoshop can match!

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