Effortlessly Stylish!

IMG_5845Hesha Chimah, The Style CompanyIMG_5844 Hesha Chimah, The Style CompanyHesha Chimah, The Style Company

Since we shot this look, I have been bubbling with excitement to share this post with you all. Last week, I decided to undergo a complete makeover. I’m someone who loves experimenting & embracing change has become my new found passion. I was obsessing over my long hair for almost 3 years & that’s literally how long it stretched for until I decided to chop them off & get a whole new look.

I must admit that I was extremely nervous before hitting the salon, but then there was something within me that motivated me to just go & get them tresses chopped. You know we Indian Girls have sentimental values attached when it comes to cutting our hair but once in a while, it’s just fine to go with your gut & not be the quintessential you.

To break free is the key to life & be it with your fashion sense or everyday makeup, be open to experimenting & exploring the unexplored. I not only tried a new hairstyle but also in many ways adapted the French Way of Dressing. French Styles are bold yet minimalistic & I absolutely love that. Instead of doing too much, they stick to the basics that are classic yet impactful enough to make a long lasting impression.

I recently came across this fashion label called The Sewing Company & instantly connected with their clothes. Dressing to Parisians comes naturally – they keep it to the point. Their outfits are classic yet their overall look is very minimalistic. When I was thinking about my very first shoot with my chopped hair, I needed a dress that would not just compliment my body but also my hair. This beautiful mustard colored cotton silk dress with Panda graffiti thread-work instantly caught my attention.

To complete my look, all I did was threw in a pair of white sneakers because Hey! white shoes can never go wrong & they practically go with everything! Basically, the French love white sneakers too. As for my hair, I simply crunched them with a curling mousse & some water & I was good to go. Now that’s what I call Effortlessly Stylish indeed. Don’t you agree?

Outfit: The Sewing Company

Shoes: Koovs