Here Is The RheSon Why Fashion Will Never Be The Same Again!

We all adore Sonam Kapoor’s sense of style & impeccable fashion! &&& we also know that her younger sister Rhea Kapoor is one of the major factors behind this. These two fierce Kapoor Sisters have surely changed the face of fashion in India. Luxury brands to runway looks that none could match, Sonam & Rhea can righteously be called the Style Icons of the country.

They took us all by a storm when they announced the launch of their very own high street fashion label – Rheson, a brand that’s affordable, accessible & meant for every Indian Girl who is comfortable in her body. All set to launch tomorrow, Rheson will be available to shop at all of the Shoppers Stop stores across the country.

While everyone’s eagerly waiting for the launch, I’m feeling extremely bad as I will be missing the launch event given you all know that I’m currently in Delhi for another event but that in anyway does not stop me from hitting Shoppers Stop post the launch while I’m here in Delhi. Needless to say, you will be seeing a post real soon on how I will be styling the pieces from their collection which after seeing Alia Bhatt dressed in Rheson is fact enough to highlight that the entire collection is simply going to be mind blowing!

Check out Alia Bhatt in Rheson as she was spotted in this uber cool look at the Justin Beiber concert last evening that happened here in Mumbai! OMG! This is just a sneak peek, I wonder what the whole clothing line would be like!

Alia Bhatt In Rheson

Alia Bhatt In Rheson