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Nail Care Products You Must Own!


One of the body parts we usually tend to ignore besides our feet is our nails! Most of us are so busy concentrating on our face & hair that we completely tend to neglect our nails. Now I know we often get gel nails or nail art done but do you even have the slightest of idea how damaging this fancy nail work can be? Trust me when I say this, I have witnessed this torture first hand where my nails got super brittle & started chipping & bending with every passing second. Not only it gets difficult to manage but the pain is unbearable too. So to keep your nails strong & manageable, here are few quick tips + products you could use on daily basis for some nail pampering!



Always Use A Nail Hardener- No matter how thick your nails are, before applying any nail paint, make sure your base coat is of a good quality nail hardener as this would form a preventive layer between your nails & the polish & prevent it from any form of damage due to the chemicals inside the color. My personal favorite is the Maximum Growth by Sally Hansen.

Opt For Nail Polish Removers Over Acetones- Not many are aware that nail polish removers & acetone are actually two separate things. Acetone can have more damaging effect on your nails as opposed to a polish remover. I literally swear by the nail polish remover range by Sally Hansen. They have different types of nail paint removers for particular nail types so you can always pick one that works the best for you.

Avoid Gel/Acrylic Nails- I might be asking too much here but trust me when I say this, no matter how pretty these look, they are super damaging & harmful for your real nails. I have experienced this first hand where my nails got all brittle & fragile & trust me it is horrifying to have nails that are as soft as baby skin.

Apply Olive Oil On Your Cuticles: If you have dry, damaged, perking out skin from the point where your nail grows, then it is high time you do something about your damaged cuticle! Rough cuticles is generally a common problem amongst those who don’t use hand moisturizers or byte their nails often so to avoid this embracing situation of dry skin peeling off, apply a little quantity of olive oil around your cuticle just before it is bed time & leave that overnight for your nails to soak in. This will prevent it from over drying & skin cracking.

Hope you found these tips helpful. I’m blogging after a while now as I have been super occupied with shoots & personal commitments but you’re going to be seeing me around often now on. Love & Beyond.