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#UnspokenBeauty: Brightening Dark Underarms



Looking at the fab response you all gave me on my yesterday’s post where I spoke about #UnspokenBeauty- Brazilian Waxing, I thought of discussing yet another such subdued topic of dark underarms. While I must blame it on the Indian Cinemas where women in halter blouses & singlets have white washed underarms (all thanks to makeup & lighting), there are also real ways of maintaining well the under arm skin & preventing it from tanning. There are many myths around waxing, shaving, hair removal creams & even epilating but tell me one thing, if each of these are harmful, then what does one expect out of us girls? Bushy Underarms? No Way! There is a hack to everything in life & no matter what you do, everything has its pros & cons too. My mum would freak out the minuet I mentioned Razor in the house but let me be as honest as I can, I have switched from waxing to shaving about 2 years ago & frankly speaking, I don’t have any issues like coarse hair, in growth, more hair growth- None of it!

Other than following blind beliefs, it’s important that we understand our skin type before we opt for any suggestions or recommendations. I too was frivolous in my teens & simply on the basis of TV commercials, I made up my mind about the various products & stocked up my closet each day with something new. What was the result? I ended up spending a bomb on practically everything available under the sun & realized that I fell pray to the marketing gimmicks. I’m a Blogger too now & I often strongly recommend various products & speak to my followers about the new ins & stuff like that, but that so doesn’t mean that I’m hard selling it to you. It’s my opinion on the product & through that I simply wish to enlighten you about the stuff I know which may or may not be helpful to you. As a result, through the years I understood that the most important thing is to understand yourself, how your skin works & reacts to various changes & products. What might work for your friend, may not work for you & vice versa but be open to the idea of learning about your body & skin type each day.

While there could be numerous reasons of skin darkening in your under arm area, you can’t disagree that this is totally upon personal choice how one wishes to take care of their body parts. Keeping it very generic for the ones who either wax, shave or epilate, here are few quick steps that you must keep a check on to ensure brighter, smooth underarms.

  1. Before you start with your hair removal process, make sure that you have showered.
  2. Gently clean the under arm area with an exfoliator. Rinse with cold water.
  3. If you shave, make sure your razor is clean & well washed with warm water before use.
  4. Always clean your epilator after use.
  5. Either use an astringent or a moisturizer always after hair removal.
  6. Avoid using alcohol based products on your underarm. These cause skin darkening.
  7. Use alcohol free under arm sticks or roll ons.
  8. The Body Shop radiance oil is my personal favorite. I use it always after I shave.

I hope you guys are enjoying these quick fix posts that I have recently started doing. I just feel pointers well summarize the details & it gets real handy for all you readers. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to assert some more issues like these.