Bringing The 90’s Back In #2016

As the year is about to commence in the next couple of days, most of us are busy planning the first quarter of 2016. But there are also many cool people who are busy scrolling through upcoming fashion trends in the New Year & saving up for the upcoming sale season! Yep, I’m one of them too. As much as I’m kicked about planning by personal & professional life in the coming year, a major part of me is sorting my party outfits! While I was at it & doing my research for the upcoming blog posts in 2016, I discovered how Fashion is like seasons that pays a visit after many years & takes over like a storm.

In my recent research, I realized that so many upcoming trends have taken major inspiration from the 90’s- an era that witnessed major developments here in India in the field of fashion & technology &&& of course the year I was born in! While up in the west, trends picked up like forest fire, here in the west too people had become more experimental & adaptive to newer styles, cuts, designs & patterns. Actresses like Karisma Kapoor & Shilpa Shetty made huge waves with their unique & uber stylish dressing sense.

Within days the young girls were spotted echoing their clothes, makeup & hairstyles & this is how we moved into the evolving fashion growth in India. But the upcoming New Year fashion trends are here to stay, & let me tell you they are here to rule for generations to come. While most of the styles that would dominate 2016 here in India is more inclined towards trends & styles of the 90’s trend in the west. So time to save up & gear up to clean out your messy closets & make space for some outfits that would rule the world.


Inspired from Beverly Hills, 902010, from Brenda’s bangs & floral dresses to Donna’s scrunchies & eccentric ensembles, 2016 is all set to witness to these hairstyles & uptown chic styles to halter necks, off shoulders & the evergreen LBD’s.


While Bollywood film Khoobsurat had taken major inspiration from Clarissa Darling’s dressing style for Sonam Kapoor’s character, oversized tees, print on print & cropped tops are definite must haves in the New Year.


We all know that Winona Ryder was the “IT Girl”in the 90’s as her tomboy dressing totally caught everyone’s attention, her raven pixie cut & all black ensembles became her signature style. Make sure to make these yours too in 2016.


The Perry Ellis collection for Spring/Summer 1993 showcased a grunge inspired collection as the staples of his generation but they continue to resonate in the New Year.


The Hippie, rave trend stayed for long in the 90’s & now that they are back in 2016, these will be loved by the Bohemian Girls clang. Bright colors, aztec prints, rainbow colored beaded bracelets are all back this season.


The “Rachel” Haircut became famous with Jennifer Aniston’s character in FRIENDS where she donned chopped layers. This hairstyle continues to remain as a favorite amongst many even today.

I hope this mini style trend guide for 2016 will keep you fashionably in check. If you’d like to know any more, feel free to connect with me.


*Facts taken from Marie Claire.