#HairTales- Going Organic With Elements!


About Wella Professionals Elements Range: 

Wella Professionals introduced Elements to the Indian market, it is the first Wella Professionals range of hair care products which are free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants. Wella Professionals has also specially created a new fragrance, inspired by the green wood’s of the Amazon forest. This range is inspired by nature to provide up to ten times more strength against breakage for renewed hair vitality. Wella Professionals Elements protects the integral keratin structure, keeping your hair shiny and healthy, but without some of the chemicals usually associated with hair care products. Keratin is the principal component of hair – a protein which acts as the building blocks of the hair. If the keratin is degenerated, the hair will become weak and will lose its shine.

Here’s What The Experts Have To Say:


Wella Innovation Expert Dr.Kerstin Meyer Lipp- 


Mrs Lipp thinks natural products have made their way back in fashion. She states that people are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients contained in the products that they use in everyday life– such as hair care products & as a part of trying to live a healthy lifestyle, they are now looking for more natural alternatives which contain fewer chemicals, but do not compromise on performance. After using it herself, she swears that the Elements range delivers the expected premium experience and fantastic results especially for those who want to go natural with hair care.

Bollywood Actress Nimit Kaur- 


At the event Wella Professionals recently hosted for us Bloggers, the effervescent Nimit Kaur shared her thoughts post her experiential. She was crushing on the woody fragrance & the texture of her hair right after the very first wash. While she seemed highly impressed with the Elements range, what she loved the most was the renewing hair mask. Other than improving the way her hair felt, she stated that the deep conditioning properties of the mask added immense softness, bounce & shine into her hair.Here’s a glimpse of some of us Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers who got a chance to interact with the Wella Professionals Expert’s Team along with Nimit Kaur who stunned us all with her natural beauty.

wella 2

My Thoughts On The Wella Professionals Elements Range:



It’s been precisely 7 days since I have given my regular shampoo & conditioner a break & everyday for these 7 days I have washed my hair with the Elements range. This is for the very first time that I have switched to a hair care range that is made from organic elements from Mother Nature. Scroll down for my experience along with my ratings that I have given this product’s unique properties.


I’m a huge fan of well packaged products & there is clearly no denial on the way Wella Professionals have packaged this product in a shining white bottle making it extremely travel friendly.

FRAGRANCE- Shampoo & Conditioner: 3/5 Renewing Hair Mask- 5/5 

While the shampoo has a very woody fragrance, it’s something that I’m personally not a huge fan off but many of my co-bloggers loved it. The fragrance I fell in love with is that of the Hair Mask.

Texture- 3.5/5 

The shampoo is gel like & lathers amazingly well while the creamy texture of the hair mask sets well in the hair.

Results- 4/5

After 7 days of usage, I do find my hair much more responsive to the elements in the newly launched products. Besides the improved texture, my hair is much softer & glossy & has an additional bounce that is missing otherwise. I have cut one point only because it made my hair slightly fizzy but this totally depends upon your hair type & my hair is otherwise really dry & unmanageable so this would take a couple of more washes to tame it down. Overall, a great product & definitely meant for those who prefer organic products. For those who have used chemical based hair products, its time for a switch.

Price- INR 975 for the Shampoo, INR 1075 for the Hair Mask.