Will You Sleep In These?


If probably you asked me this question during my teens, my answer would have been a big fat NO but if you ask me the same question now, my reply would definitely be a YES! Confused about what I’m referring to? Don’t get any fancy thoughts, I’m talking denims here. For the longest I stayed away from wearing jeans-I hated them, I thought shorts & skirts were a better option over these as I’m a Bohemian at heart & a sucker for flowing, loose attires. You guys already know my love for skirts as you must have read in My Wardrobe Story post but over the past few years I realized that a great pair of jeans can make a hell lot of a difference. If you manage to get yourself a pair that fits well & enhances your body type, half the battle is won right there.

I have literally struggled for over a year to get myself the perfect pair of denims & have switched many brands in the past few years too. I believe its personally very important to own a pair that not just looks great & fits well but also is extremely high on comfort. If I may lend a piece of advise here – it’s great to look at Victoria’s Secret models & crave a figure like theirs but its sheer foolishness to opt for denims that are smaller than your waist size just to delusion yourself & eventually land up stuffing yourself to simply crunch in your paunch. Believe me, you’re just going to end up hurting not just you stomach but inviting upon yourself discomfort & ugly looking marks.

Speaking of denims, we have some of the best manufactures here in India like Levis, GAS Jeans, Pepe & even Lee that produce some of the best fit denims for men & women both. While there are others too, these select few remain my all time favorites. From having absolutely not a single pair of jeans, I know own almost 8 pair of denims from the above brands. It’s a Saturday & unlike all other Saturdays, today I woke up in a pretty relaxed & casual frame of mind. I knew I had to shoot a couple of looks for the blog but in my mind I wanted it to be more like ME- effortless & causal. I’m usually the dressing up types because my profession is indeed demanding & needs me to be in complete vanity 80% of the times but trust me when I say this- I’m sporty at heart & love my de-glam avatar the most.

If not for my work, I could go days in fact even months without makeup or doing up my hair & those fancy outfits would definitely be replaced by a pair of chic denims & a sleeveless top or a ganji. &&& through this post today, I decided to share the day to day me with you all. So here I’m wearing my favorite white washed Levis denims with this heart printed Vero Moda top. I went ahead with absolutely no accessories & pushed my fringe back into a puff. Well, my metallic shades from RayBan had to be a part as you all know that I can’t stay without my aviators. Saturdays are usually more relaxed & call for a movie & lunch with Vips while in the evening since we both are over the partying phase, we prefer to hang in with our best pals- Beer & Pizza!

Coming to my blog title, I asked you all this question because this is what literally happens to me when I slip into my jeans. By the time the two of us call it a night, it’s usually pretty late & I’m uber lazy to change into my night clothes. &&& thanks to my super comfortable denims, I literally sleep in them. The fabric is so great, texture so smooth & breathable that it not only makes for a good looking pair of jeans but also is as comfortable like your pajamas! I’m the clumsy types & definitely lazy too & denims give me the levy to remain like that, probably for the many years to come. LOL. Since I clearly can’t stop raving about these, without taking too much of your time, I’m going to let you scroll through the pictures from this shoot.

Outfit Details:

Top: Vero Moda, Denims: Levis, Heels: Dune London, Aviators: RayBan