Hats Down!


Right after my accident, my biggest worry was getting back to my passion- Blogging! I was so fierce & helpless at the same time & more than physically being drained, I was mentally exhausted. I had bruised my entire right side & it was insane coping with the mere thought that the scars the wounds were to leave behind would take ages to heal. Well clearly as you can see in the post but it’s alright because what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. I usually have a bank of images & pre-scheduled posts to keep feeding till I got off the wheelchair &&& now that I’m absolutely fit & fine, I chose to give my scars some time to heal & decided to head up, glam up & show up! Here I am! Please avoid my sentimental & emotional hormones pouring out, in the past 24 years this was my first accident ever & believe me it was scary!

You all know about my #FashionPassion but what you might not know is that I always overlook the bad things & instead concentrate on being greedy for all the best things in life which, can be achieved with hard work & dedication. Almost after a 3 week break I sort of had a writer’s block & was confused about creating a look for you guys. But then again, I got hold of my shit together & being the traditional me, got out my diary & pen & started to pen all my thoughts. & just when I was about to almost give up, I bounced back with a look that had me wearing a HAT! Every thing big or small holds some sort of significance to me.

As I was bouncing back in the game post my forced sabbatical, I knew I had to sport a fedora & raise a toast to wearing your pride on your head as for me it is symbolic to facing all odds & coming out even stronger with your head held high. The look is really simple but what I didn’t subtract from it  was the grunge feel. The whole idea behind it is to depict myself as strong & above that a fighter who is here to stay strong despite being the young, petite girl who loves pink at heart. I opted for this shift dress that is so girly if paired with a pink mouth & glitter pink jogging shoes but I decided to give it the rocker chic edge by wearing my favorite zipped boots, MAC’s Ruby Woo on my lips, these funky mercury finished glares & the game changer accessory- My Hat!

Outfit Details:

Dress, Boots, Hat: Forever22, Shades: RayBan, HandCuff: Je Couturier