#OutfitPost-My Wardrobe Story!


When I stumble upon various Instagram accounts, it amazes me how beautifully people across the globe dress themselves up. From the perfect hair, to well filed nails, bang on makeup, lipstick in place & a winged eyeliner that would take me half of my day to get it right! I’m sure there are many out there who are pros at this &&& they my dear friend, are called makeup artists. We are all running in circles trying to be somebody, aping the newest trends, perfecting our imperfections & forgetting about who we actually are & are diverging into who we want to be like. I’m no exception either & you got to trust me when I say this. For years I was a victim of fashion faux pas & I’m certainly not afraid to talk about it because it’s our mistakes that make us who we are today.

If you’d ask me a couple of years ago to define my sense of style, you’d hear different answers since each week I was trying to adapt a new style. I can lay a bet that we all have been in this complex situation on finding our true fashion identity. Through the years I realized that no matter how appealing a certain trend or style is, it will only be of use to me if it makes me happy & comfortable. I’m like the typical girl but at the same time completely opposite of her too! I hate applying nail paint & shaping my brows, I find it a task but at the same time I’m the same person demanding Deepika Padukone like eyebrows! Experimenting is always fun, but just like we all have staple diets, we all have our wardrobe staples too.

Besides the usual jeans, shorts & pants, if I sit down to decode my staple style then it certainly will be skirts & tops! I’m a die hard fan of skirts- long, short, dramatic, peplum, pleated I’m a fan! Right from my college days, you will spot me in skirts because these are my absolute favorites & definitely my Must Haves! With over 30 skirts in my closet, I realized that I’m indeed a freak but as the saying goes, you can never have less of all the good things in life. While I was wanting to know more about your staple wardrobe too, I decided to share my most wearable look with you guys today. I opted for a blue, floral printed skirt from Vero Moda & threw this breathable in cut top from the same brand. Not to forget, my staple nude heels that you must have seen me wear many times. Make sure you get used to it as they are my Wardrobe Staples too.

IMG_0989IMG_0993 IMG_0987IMG_0988IMG_0994IMG_1008IMG_1009IMG_1014IMG_1015IMG_1016IMG_1001IMG_1003

Outfit Details: Skirt & Top- Vero Moda, Bracelets- Colaba, Heels- Local Boutique.