#OutfitPost- Fashionably Fit This Party Season


I have always been this skinny chick right from my high school days. I remember growing up to funny names like “stick” & “toothpick thin” ever since. Blame it on my good genes, high rate of metabolism or simply my athletics background where I was a runner for almost 5 years where I ran inter-school, inter-college to state level. I have always had a soft corner for dance too & as I pen this post down, I can recall how I grew up dancing to Karisma Kapoor & Madhuri’s Dil toh pagal hai dance numbers. Yes! I’m a total Bollywood freak & this comes to me naturally as I belong from the film industry where my Grand Dad was a Director & Producer & my Dad being a Film Distributor. While my entire family pushed me through my late teens to become an actor, I always shied away from the camera being the tomboy I was. The least I could imagine myself doing was putting makeup & wearing stilettos.

Destiny often amazes me for making me choose such a contrary career to what my personality was all through the years gone by. I’m a Fashion Stylist now who styled The Man Of Bollywood Mr.Amitabh Bachchan & now also a Fashion & Beauty Blogger running TSC. At 15, I certainly could have never imagined myself doing all of this. I won’t deny that I did take up modeling consignments in my late teens & was also a part of a television show on Zoom, but that was only cause of my father who always dreamed of me as a Hindi Film actress. While I’m certainly guilty for crushing his dreams hard, but I’m also immensely proud of what I’m making of my career right now. Considering that I was always thin & weighed never more than 45 kilos, any form of exercise never happened to me. Probably this is one of the reasons I hate working out even today. This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in healthy living, but it’s just my belief that good health or being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym or doing rigorous workouts.

Simply climbing 6 floors 10 times in a day can be healthy. Brisk walking at parks or running with your dog or most importantly having a regulated diet also is synonymous to being healthy. Right after my engagement with all the wedding excitement sinking in, for the very first time I gained a lot of weight scaling almost 62 kgs at a point! I was horrified. I do understand that being over 60 kgs doesn’t make me obese, but for someone who never crossed 45, it was practically next to impossible for me to cope with all the goose flesh & double chin. My marriage was around the corner & I had just 45 days to shed all the extra weight. One of my blog’s followers (Hey Ruchi!), wrote to me about doing a pre-bridal prep blog along with sharing my diet tips & that’s when it occurred to me that I need to get going & start taking care of myself since everyone is watching you! It’s not just about that, it was more about how unhealthy I felt from within & how I wished to look when I saw myself in the mirror.


I weighed 52 kgs on the day of my wedding & that to without hitting the gym or consulting a dietician. I’m not saying either of that is wrong, all I’m trying to put across is that it’s all in your head. It’s you & only you who can condition your body & brain to become a fitter you. I was ready to give the “FIT-TEST” & from there on my transformation journey began. Yoga became a part of my daily routine along with jogs & stretches & junk food was omitted from my diet. I slept on time, ate at regular intervals & kept a check on my water intake too. Besides, what I also assured was that I dressed well for my workouts. Being fit is not just about having six packs or a flat tummy, its also got a lot to do with a balanced mind. I dressed at my fashionable best & pictured myself in those clothes in a certain way as I wanted my body structure to look like. Try This! This will certainly push you to raise the bar.





Quick Tips:

  1. Make sure you only wear a Sports Bra during any form of workout.
  2. To burn more, sweat more. Wear a sweatshirt.
  3. Don’t compromise on your running shoes.
  4. Always shower post workouts.
  5. Take small sips of water in regular intervals.
  6. Never workout empty stomach.
  7. Early mornings are the best to burn fat & stay fresh.
  8. Don’t starve yourself!




Outfit Details:

Sweatshirt- Forever21, Sports Bra- Foever21, Jogger Pants- Reebok, Shoes- Nike, Yellow Bottle- Milton