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#OutfitPost-Contrasting Hues!


If I go back to my teenage days, I vividly remember how I shied away from bold colors. From what I can recollect, it was never that I did not like those colors, but it was simply because my mum (Despite being a typical Punjabi), had a very soft, classy taste in clothes. While on the contrary, I remember my aunt being excessively flashy & loud with her choice of colors. From dark maroon lipstick to purple lip gloss & studded with diamond jewelry, my aunt was obsessed with her fair skin tone & thought the only way for people to “notice” her fair skin color would be if she accentuated that with darker colored outfits. I was 5 & I certainly was clueless about fashion & style being the tomboy I was, but what I surely knew was that I’m never going to dress up like that!

I love pastel shades & all thanks to my mum, I grew up in hues of pinks & yellow which now are my favorite colors too! I never wore lipstick or makeup for the longest & to be frank, I was the last person my friends would turn to for advise when it came to fashion & makeup. Irony of life, I’m actually styling most of them now for parties & events. When I started my Blogging career a year & a half ago, many beauty brands started sending me products- some that I liked & some that even though not bad, didn’t match my choice of soft,light, pastel shades. It was first in 2014 that I tried a red lipstick on myself! I was horrified by the way I looked since I was so not used to seeing myself with dark lips. I was so reluctant to even step out & that wasn’t even funny!

I stared thinking that it made me look older than my age but it was all a matter of few days that I realized I had to breathe & give myself sometime to accept the change in the way I looked when I donned darker shades. Just FYI, MAC’s Ruby Woo & Diva are my favorite shades right now & trust me when I say this, they are far from light! Similarly, as I started getting used to darker lip tints, I also adapted myself to the idea of wearing darker shades of clothes that would match my whitish skin tone. The idea is not to ape the latest trends, the idea is how you can incorporate the latest trends by tweaking it according to your skin color & body type. &&& that’s how I come to today’s post. This one is specially dedicated to all of those who connected with me in the earlier two paragraphs where I blabbered about my low self confidence.

Make a note: Don’t be afraid of experimenting. You can do that as per your convenience by contrasting two styles that match your personality. So here I threw over my really bold H&M tank top with my favorite peach skirt from Forever21, pulled back my hair to give my fringe a break & went over with finishing the look with a flicked eyeliner & a bright mouth!