#NowTrending: Bubble Nails.

Bubble Nails, The Style Company

Bubble Nails, The Style Company

It often amuses me how, when & where can a fashion trend begin & then eventually spread ike wild fire. Back in the days when I was a baby, I barely remember my mum speaking of rapidly evolving trends. If there was a style that was started years ago from the era of veteran actresses like Madhubala & Hema Malini, it was just those that were adapted by generations ahead. But it’s not the same anymore. With the ever growing fast paced fashion industry & with the many master minds who spend hours researching, the newest era has seen varied phases of trending fashion. I’m not just speaking clothes here, from over a zillion hairstyles, to infinite jewelry designs, to experimental bags & shoes, newest makeup techniques & glamorous looks to even nail art! While women earlier just knew of painting nails with basic plain colors, to gradually shifting to french manicures, further moving to dual shaded nail paints & glitter coats to finally loving nail art, gel & acrylic nails. As if this wasn’t enough, the cyber has taken over with images of the most talked about Bubble Nails that are also referred to as Hump Nails.

So what are Bubble Nails & when did they take over the internet? The sudo name very well simplifies what this form of nail art actually is. Unlike our regular nail structure, Bubble Nails are rounded at the nail roots giving it the shape of a bubble that looks like a hump since its protruding upwards giving it a much fuller look. Although, it’s only since the past few weeks that women in India & abroad have been flaunting pictures of their newly done up nails, the fact still states that Hump Nails actually came into being 5 years ago. Frankly speaking, I am genetically blessed with beautifully shaped nails & to my memory, the only two times I ever got gel nails was at the time of my wedding. I’m pretty old school when it comes to doing my nails, I like them naked but if an occasion needs me to have color on them, they are usually black or red. Although this is a trend that quite a few have tried out, it is attracting a lot of negative comments & much honestly I’m not a big fan of it either. It has a potential of oozing cuteness to looking absolutely obnoxious depending upon how it is done.

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