Smooth, Hairless Skin For Weeks With Braun Epilator!


As much as we all know the importance of body hair, one cannot be wearing it at all points! No one likes to roam with a bush especially if you love flaunting skin. But while we all love smooth, hairless skin, hair removal can be tedious. Lets accept it, none of us are always elated with the idea of heading to a salon every month to wax but we all dream of that easy hair removal method that can give us smooth skin for weeks. &&& to make life simpler, I’m sharing my thoughts with you on this super cool equipment that I recently discovered just a few weeks ago that can give you smooth, hairless skin for weeks – Braun Silk Épil 3!

About Braun Silk Épil 3:

Braun, the world’s number one epilation brand, is delighted to introduce the Silk-épil portfolio – Braun Silk-epil 3. Silk-épil 3 is a great option for easy hair removal because 20 tweezers remove hair at the root and leave your skin smooth. While the Smartlight helps you see every fine hair, so none aremissed.In addition to this, the Silk-épil 3 features massaging rollers that smoothly stimulate and massage your skin to ease the epilation and increase the comfort in your beauty routine.


What Does The Product Promise:

The Braun Silk Épil 3 comes with unique features & two head caps that guarantee smooth skin for weeks.

The 20 tweezer system gently removes hair at the root for long lasting results.

The smart light reveals even the finest hair for no miss removal.

Besides, the inbuilt massaging rollers smoothly stimulate & massage your skin well.

Not just that, its features are also dermatologically recommended.


My Thoughts: 

I swear by the Braun face epilator as it takes care of my facial hair effortlessly & with the new Braun Épil Silk 3, now taming body hair has become super effortless, thanks to this convenient epilator that makes hair removal process easier & at home.

At the oddest hours when the salon’s are non-operational, you no longer need to stress about how you’re going to wear your little black dress to a Saturday night party! With the Épil Silk, you can get smooth, hairless skin within minutes that to at the convenience of your home.

Besides, salons these days literally charge a bomb for a one time session of waxing where you ideally end up spending something between INR 500-INR 800 on an average per session. The Braun Silk Épil is a one time investment which comes with a two year warranty that takes care of any damages etc  so you’re sorted there, thus, making it pocket friendly.

The best part about the Braun Silk Épil 3 is that it is travel friendly thanks to it’s compact body! Whether you’re planning a beach vacation with your boyfriend or you have a date post office hours, this little magician will come handy to give you that perfect desirable smooth skin you’ve been wishing for.

Thanks to its 20 Tweezer system, epilating is relatively less painful than before as the tweezers are super gentle on the skin without leaving any scars or rashes.

The smart light features comes really handy in poor lit rooms making it easier for us to spot even the tiniest of hair.

Price Of The Product:

INR 3750


Easily available online as well as on Snapdeal. 

My Rating:


Say hello to long lasting smooth skin for upto 4 weeks with Braun! Flaunt them legs & make sure to tag me in your Instagram pictures.