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Vichy Laboratoires Bloggers Meet

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What I totally love about being a Blogger is attending Bloggers Meet. It’s always fun catching up with your fellow mates and meeting new people. More over, there is so much I learn about various products and of course, we are always treated to yummy food. Yay! (Yes, I’m a foodie & everyone knows about it! I hog too :p). Recently I was invited by Vichy Laboratoires to Bungalow 9 in Bandra for a Bloggers Meet where they took this initiative to address various skin woes along with sharing the corrective measures to achieve “Your Ideal Skin”. In our fast paced life, we often tend to ignore our skin’s health, but by the end of it, we all know that how essential it is to have a beautiful skin. Vichy Laboratoires- a Dermocosmetic brand discussed problems of the skin and how- whatever its nature can be transformed to achieve its ideal beauty.


Present at the event was Dr. Jaishree Sharad, a renowned dermatologist in the field of Fashion and Bollywood who gave an insight into different skin types and the kind of problems the Indian skin faces. What got me excited was the launch of Dr. Jaishree’s book Skin Talks, a personalized copy with the Doc’s autograph is what I took home and I have read it too! She has given some really useful tips for skin care and suggested products for each skin type too. You all should get your own copy real soon. Oh and guess what was even more cool? To echo their brand name- Vichy Laboratoires, they served mocktails in test tubes! That was such a cute sight and super thoughtful too. This was actually the first thing that caught my attention the minute I reached the venue. Yes, I am sharing the picture with you guys. Not only this, there was also a specialized consultation with Vichy Skin Experts organized for all the Bloggers where in they assisted each one of us individually with a process of skin analysis, consultation, problem detection and then suggesting the most suitable Vichy products according to each one of our skin types.

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While I was leaving, they gratified us with a Vichy Hamper that consisted some of their supreme products that work wonders for Indian skin. I have been using them since a while now and my personal favorite out of them all, is Bi Med, that I reviewed a few days ago and Normaderm face wash. You can read the Bi-Med review here.


We all should love our skin and always work towards bettering it with each day. I took my first step with Vichy, when will you take yours?