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#Review: Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Correcting Whitening Essence


What is Vichy?

Vichy is a leading DERMOCOSMETIC Brand from the House of L’oreal that promises Ideal Skin. Available in 500+ selective pharmacies and 22 major cities, Vichy Laboratories provides consumers’ with dedicated and professionalized advice on their skin needs. Bi-White Med range is meant for people who suffer from pigmentation.

What is the Vichy Bi-White Med range?

Bi-White is the perfect skincare range that prevents unwanted pigmentation and dullness. Drawn from extensive research and clinical tests, it is a one-stop solution for healthy, ideal skin.

Bi-White Deep Correcting Whitening range incorporates an exclusive technology. DRM-White Complex, Procysteine, Eperuline, Vitamic C which targets the deeper layer of the skin to make your skin flawless and radiant. The products in this range include Bi-White Med Day Cream, Night Cream, Bi-White Med Deep Correcting Whitening Essence and the newly launched Bi-White Med Eyes.

What does Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Correcting Whitening Essence Promise?


1. Deep Cell Whitening
2. Targets melanin in even deeper skin layers.
3. Flawless transparency and luminosity from deep within.
4.Visibily reduced brown spots.

My Thoughts:


1. I have been using Bi-Med since a month now and I love the fact that it is so light weighted.
2. Post application, it doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind.
3. I have spots on my cheek area due to marks left by pimples once they dry out. I have been using Bi-White directly on that patch and have seen a remarkable change.
4. It’s got a light fragrance and comes in a tube form making it very handy. It fits in my purse easily and I can carry it where ever I go.
5. Post application, I don’t need a second quote of moisturizer as I choose to apply it at night before I hit the bed.
6. There is nothing in specific that I dislike about the product but one thing hits for sure is that for a 15 ml tube, its a bit too expensive.


Price: Rs. 1150 for 15 ml

Available at selected drugstores.