Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is on his way!


Its finally that time of the year! It’s December and lets admit that this month makes each one of us super happy. Isn’t December like the Friday of the week? & & & what are we all even more pepped about? The festivals in this month- my favourite time of the year, Christmas followed by New Years! Somewhere down the line this month, especially these two dates are super special to me as last year I met my now fiancée who I’m all set to marry in 2015. *Jumps & Blushes in Love*

So while I started my preparations for Christmas early this year since I have a lot of pending wedding preparations in the pipe line too, I got a chance to pick Christmas decorations from Hill Road, Bandra while I was on my way back from town last evening post a fruitful meeting. Sit back and treat your eyes to these gorgeous colours.



Do come back for more as my Christmas Shopping Spree is about to begin. Yes, I shop till I drop during this time of the month. Make sure you accompany me too!